By: Galandaru Swalaganata

(Divisi Riset dan Publikasi RED-C)

Moving object tracking in a video is a method used to detect and analyze changes that occur in an object that being observed. Visual quality and the precision of the tracked target are highly wished in modern tracking system. The fact that the tracked object does not always seem clear causes the tracking result less precise. The reasons are low quality video, system noise, small object, and other factors. In order to improve the precision of the tracked object especially for small object, we propose a two step solution that integrates a super-resolution technique into tracking approach.

First step is super-resolution imaging applied into frame sequences. This step was done by cropping the frame in several frame or all of frame. Second step is tracking the result of super-resolution images. Super-resolution image is a technique to obtain high-resolution images from low-resolution images. In this research single frame super- resolution technique is proposed for tracking approach. Single frame super-resolution was a kind of super-resolution that it has the advantage of fast computation time. The method used for tracking is Camshift. The advantages of Camshift was simple calculation based on HSV color that use its histogram for some condition and color of the object varies. The computational complexity and large memory requirements required for the implementation of super-resolution and tracking were reduced and the precision of the tracked target was good. Experiment showed that integrate a super-resolution imaging into tracking technique can track the object precisely with various background, shape changes of the object, and in a good light conditions.

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Galandaru Swalaganata, putra Tulungagung ini lahir bertepatan dengan hari sumpah pemuda. Pendidikan S1 nya ditempuh  di jurusan Matematika Universitas Negeri Malang. Beliau ahli di bidang Matematika, Desain Web dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi. Pendidikan S2 nya ditempuh di Jurusan Matematika Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya mengambil Bidang Minat Ilmu Komputer. Selain sebagai pengelola RED-C divisi riset dan publikasi, beliau juga sebagai dosen di jurusan Tadris Matematika FTIK-IAIN Tulungagung. Penulis dapat dihubungi melalui e-mail (Tim RED-C)

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